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Growth advisory for impactful startups

Javelyn partners with companies during their crucial growth stages, typically from Seed to Series A rounds. We bolster these rounds through direct investments or by leveraging our extensive network for fundraising. Our investments usually range between US$50,000 to US$100,000, provided in the form of a SAFE note. We operate without geographical boundaries, assessing ventures globally. Our focus lies in maintaining a balance between people, planet, and profit, supporting sustainable businesses on a clear path towards profitability.
Javelyn passionately supports impact-focused startups. We extend our strategic prowess to ventures on the brink of success, backed by a proven track record. We are always seeking forward-thinking entrepreneurs ready to shape the future. If you seek strategic guidance or network access, we're here to assist. Our shared commitment is to the triple bottom line: People, Planet, and Profit.
At Javelyn, we believe growth in Impact Tech is driven by effective partnerships. This could involve collaborating with industry stalwarts, aligning with corporate sustainability goals, or networking with imminent sales partners. We nurture these pivotal relationships to expedite growth, bridging the gap between your venture's present and its ambitious aspirations.